In your favourite bookstore you will certainly find several books about optical illusions. I have put together some hints here. In addition, on the pages of the individual illusions you will find topic-specific articles.

Collections of optical illusions:
  • Martinez-Conde, S. & Macknik, S. (2017). Champions of Illusion. Scientific American: New York.
    From the book announcement: A full-color celebration of stunning visual illusions and the science behind them. … The Best Illusion of the Year Contest draws entries from vision scientists, artists, magicians, and mathematicians bent on creating today’s most beguiling illusions.
  • By Dorling Kindersley (2012). Optical Illusions. A pop-up book with more than 50 visual illusions. With Pop-ups, turntables and flaps the different illusions can be tried out directly.
  • Gianni Sarcone is a visual artist and an author who has published numerous books on optical illusions. In his blog Sarconista! you can always find new illusions developed by him and others. Some of his ideas can also be found here in this collection.
  • Al Seckel  (1958 – 2015) was a collector and researcher on sensory illusions. He curated several exhibitions on illusions. He had published numerous articles and books on visual illusions, like The Art of Optical Illusions, Masters of Deception, Incredible Visual Illusions and some more.
Background knowledge & scientific publications:
  • Bertamini, M. (2018). Programming Visual Illusions for Everyone. Springer: Cham, Zürich.
    From the book announcement: Combines an introduction to some of the most wonderful visual illusions with a programming introduction focused on Python (with programs to download). So his approach is comparable to that of my website Opticals: Enables exploration of the most striking dynamic illusions by introducing visual illusions through programming.
  • Hoffman, D.D. (2000).Visual Intelligence: How We Create What We See. Norton & Company: New York.
    From the book announcement: Hoffman explains that far from being a passive recorder of a preexisting world, the eye actively constructs every aspect of our visual experience.
    You will find explanations for some of the optical illusions shown here.
  • Nänni, J. (2008). Visual Perception. Verlag Niggli: Zürich.
    From the book announcement: In this book, in a playful and fascinating way, Jürg Nänni unravels [..] many [..] phenomena of visual perception. It is complemented by interactive experiments on a CD-ROM.